22 August 2014

Swagbucks Daily Poll:As simple as ABC*

Here is a nice illustration on daily polls by Allie Irish on myswagbuckstips.blogspot.com visit :My SwagBucks Tips: Swagbucks Daily Poll in Less than One Minute

20 August 2014

Android & iPhone apps:My highest Earning Sources

     How to make money online by downloading Smartphone Apps.

The Android market is always evergreen.As new online companies continue to bloom and expand in Indian,new mobile apps are launched every now and then.Companies end up spending millions of rupees to promote their applications for mobile users.Here is where you can start earning from their promotions.
   Currently Swagbucks in promoting many leading android and iPhone under "Discover-Special Offers" in Swagbucks.Here you can earn more than 100 swag-bucks by downloading multiple apps. which are free offers.Here is a screen-short of Swagbucks Special offers with Android mobile as on 21.8.2014.


Let's calculate

Flipkart                    -18SB
Quikr                         -9SB
Tata Revotron          -9SB
Castle Clash              -5SB
Easy Battery Dr       .-5SB
Tata Sky                     -5SB
Gaana-Hindi songs  -4SB
Castor Power Biking-5SB
Paytm                         -9SB
Dadi vs Jellies           -4SB

For iPhone users the best offers include downloading app of Yoga.com & All-fitness app with swag-bucks reward of 45 each.You can easily earn up to 90 SBs. Offers are seasonal,so hurry up.Go to Swagbucks.com.Have fun and enjoy!
             If you don't have a Swagbucks account click here to create.It just take a few minutes.Here is a funny Android app commercial.

10 August 2014

Swagbucks Survey paid off 60 SB

Survey on a new AXN serial-EXTANT and similar other dramas 

  Search through Google and you will read many users complaining about Swagbucks regarding limited Surveys opportunity for Indians. Well that's true to some extend as I myself have earned very little from surveys till now. But Swagbucks is slowly changing!

       Recently I received an email notification from Swagbucks about a survey for 60 SBs. I was very skeptical regarding it. I have often received email notification for survey, but then it was very disappointing to know that it was not for residents of India. But this time I was lucky, not only did I passed the initial screening, but I also earned 60 SBs for completing the survey. The survey was on a new AXN serial drama called EXTANT and similar other upcoming serials on AXN INDIA. Don’t miss the next survey keep checking your email and the Swagbucks inbox. Here is a screen-short of my earning.

9 August 2014

Winning Bucks on the Go!

 Now you can earn a Swagbucks anytime and anywhere, while watching a movie or when waiting for a cab. With the mobile swagbucks site earning SB is much easier and faster. Search and win while standing in a queue or complete a daily poll when waiting for favorite fast-food.
     The Daily poll is a sure to win offer. One swagbucks per day counts to 30 SB per month and 365 SB yearly. Just spare a few seconds and earn on your spare time.
        How many free apps do you have on your smartphone? 10... 20... 30! Or even-more. Did you get paid for downloading them? Well, Swagbucks.com will pay you for downloading selected freebies. You can earn anywhere between 4 to 18 swagbucks just for downloading a single app. All you will need is a smartphone with an internet connection. I don't mean you need to flood your smartphone with freebies and slow down the system; you can uninstall them once your account has been credited. Have fun and earn on the Go!

If you don't have a account click here to create one.

Welcome to Swagbucks Obsession

Hi everybody welcome to Swagbucks Obsession.This is a blog on a GPT(Get Paid To) called Swagbucks. I had joined this program a few months back.It is completely FREE to join so you do not have to worry about being scammed or cheated.I started this blog only after I received my first payment of $5 through paypal.It's a fun experience.

What is Swagbucks ?
      Swagbucks is a online rewarding program that allows you to earn virtual currency called Swagbucks for doing activities that we often do in our daily life like searching the web,shopping online,downloading apps,completing surveys and much more which can be redeemed for real money and gifts.To be honest offers on Swagbucks India is very limited as compared to their sites in USA and UK.

How to start making money on Swagbucks India

  • Click here to create your account now ,it takes a few seconds and it's free to join
  • Start earning Swagbucks by completing daily polls,search on swagbucks search-engine,download cool mobile apps. etc
  • Redeem those point for prizes
  • Earn more by referring it to friends and family