10 August 2014

Swagbucks Survey paid off 60 SB

Survey on a new AXN serial-EXTANT and similar other dramas 

  Search through Google and you will read many users complaining about Swagbucks regarding limited Surveys opportunity for Indians. Well that's true to some extend as I myself have earned very little from surveys till now. But Swagbucks is slowly changing!

       Recently I received an email notification from Swagbucks about a survey for 60 SBs. I was very skeptical regarding it. I have often received email notification for survey, but then it was very disappointing to know that it was not for residents of India. But this time I was lucky, not only did I passed the initial screening, but I also earned 60 SBs for completing the survey. The survey was on a new AXN serial drama called EXTANT and similar other upcoming serials on AXN INDIA. Don’t miss the next survey keep checking your email and the Swagbucks inbox. Here is a screen-short of my earning.

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